Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML in short, is the foundation technology for creating any web page or a digital page that could be opened in a web browser. The first step immediately after designing the PSD image in a website creation is making it alive using HTML. Since 1991 the technology upgraded several times and now the latest version available in the market is HTML5 which has lots of added features to simplify the process and enhance the look and feel of a web page.

Though learning the syntaxes of this technology doesn’t require exhaustive effort, the quality of implementation differs from one to another depending upon the experience of the professional which eventually reflects on the finished product. At Heaptrace¬†we have highly skilled and experienced professionals who are capable to design world class websites using HTML at most affordable budget.


AngularJS is a popular JavaScript UI framework by Google for developing web applications. AngularJS best suits front end development and single page applications. It is an ideal platform for scalable applications.

Key ideas provides you the best solution and support for AngularJS open source web application framework as it brings some amazing features in dynamic views of the web application. We help our clients to get into the marketplace quicker and in an easy way with AngularJS.

Getting Started:

  • Plan a complete client-side solution for your project.
  • Use AngularJS, structured framework building dynamic web apps.
  • Develop quick and robust browser based applications.


Key ideas development team help migrate enterprise legacy systems to Node.js as we reuse the code at every level and hence you can expect the app to be ready in relatively less time.

Node.js can handle millions of concurrent connections at once and thus it is ideal for real time applications. Using agile based mythologies in developing both client and server side applications, we perfectly align your business needs with our development. Node.js is a platform built on Google V8 JavaScript engine and it is used for performance and scalability.

Getting Started:

  • Node.js offers innovative solutions to build server applications.
  • Makes it easy to implement real-time applications.
  • Having the same language on both the server and client.
Angular Js
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