Application Support & Maintance Services

Application Support & Maintenance Services

This is not all. In larger organizations, legacy systems and applications from various acquisitions and mergers add to the complexity of maintenance and support. As a result, IT departments in small or large companies are often reduced to act as a helpdesk, overloaded with the routine maintenance and support of software applications, and left with no time for development or deployment of new systems.

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide dedicated software maintenance and support services that will enable you to concentrate better on your core business functions. We are a team of expert software professionals who carry an expertise that is crystallized by experience spanning over a decade in the industry. We provide you with long-term continual maintenance and real-time support services for all your software requirements.

Our Application Maintenance Methodology

We follow a well-defined and scalable maintenance process, and consistently promote preventive maintenance best practices at our customer sites so that their software demands minimum maintenance. Therefore, we strongly advocate the following to our client organizations to minimize scope for large scale system errors and corrective action:

  • Rigorous documentation and processes at the software development stage
  • Knowledge sharing on enterprise applications
  • Transparent development methodologies
  • Knowledge repositories on enterprise applications
  • Streamlined ongoing preventive maintenance efforts

Our customers are assigned captive teams with dedicated project heads and team leads to design and deploy complete software maintenance strategies and provide ongoing support. Our dedicated software maintenance and support teams log and track service requests 24×7, and offer round-the-clock troubleshooting and real-time resolution of all problem areas. Flatworld ensures that our services optimize application performance and bring down your TCO (total cost of ownership) on software.

HeapTrace offers comprehensive application maintenance support services which include

  • Applications monitoring
  • Log Review
  • Resolution of tickets received from Help Desk Teams to minimize the severity of impact due to problems occurred and to ensure services are restored asap. This may involve
    • Break Fix – Incident Investigation, Troubleshooting, and Management
    • Handling Configuration issues.
    • Software installations,
    • Patch management.
  • Problem Management, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) & resolution of recurring issues.
  • Preventive and Proactive Maintenance and Support.
  • Managing Request for Change (RFC) Implementations, Functional Uplift.
  • Building of a knowledge base of known issues and their resolutions to support incidents with delivery mechanisms,
  • Auditing

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Task & Bug Tracking System Development

Taking the value of reporting and identifying defects into account, Iflexion specialists can deploy and customize task and bug tracking systems to guarantee fast issue recognition, processing, and reporting.
Application Support & MainTance

Our proactive approach lets us warn the customer if a backup is needed, prevent hacker attacks, and foresee other technical problems that can affect your business.
Third Party Solution & Maintance

Heaptrace extends the useful life of 3rd party software well beyond the end-of-life declaration and helps you reduce the TCO and generate a bigger return on your IT investments while still providing the exemplary services your clients deserve.
OS & Server Migration

Sometimes operational systems and servers do not perform to the utmost. Iflexion Maintenance and Support specialists can migrate the product to another OS or server to improve performance results.
Application Improvement

Our Support engineers revise the current state of an application, analyze its performance and possible bugs, and work out improvement plans to ensure better functionality of web products.
Performance Avaibility

Constant upkeep and special attention is needed to make the most of the technology for your business. We look into your software for modifications, rectifications, editing, deletions, additions and enhancements.

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