Cloud Application Development Services

Developing and deploying applications on the cloud requires careful assessment and planning for security, scalability, capacity and integration with other on-premise or cloud applications.

Whether you need a web or service cloud application; accessed via mobile devices, desktop app or a browser; our cloud application architects and developers will help steer your cloud application development initiatives in the right direction. We can help in selecting the right type of cloud (public, private or hybrid); choice of platform (such as Azure, Amazon,, or Google App Engine); help develop new or migrate existing applications; and post-deployment help you manage your application and infrastructure. Our Cloud Application Development offerings and expertise include:

Cloud Offerings:

  • Cloud Assessment Consulting
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Application Migration
  • Cloud Application Integration

Cloud Platform Expertise:

  • Windows Azure Application Development
  • Application Development
  • Google App Engine Application Development
  • Amazon EC2 Development
  • Rackspace OpenStack

The HeapTrace Advantage

Cloud applications are very much scalable compared to other applications as tasks are cloned onto multiple virtual machines at run-time to encounter changing work demand. Cloud Computing allows you to evade upfront infrastructure costs, focusing on project development & get applications up and run quickly. Find more benefits below

  • Access to content and applications anywhere
  • Meet demands with rapid scalability
  • Maximum use of infrastructure investment
  • No installation and maintenance
  • Money and time saving
  • Improved security
  • Fast implementation
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