The Goal

With mobility solution the user should be able to create their Bitcoin wallet and import their Bitcoins into the digital Wallet.

The widespread availability of contactless payments over the counter and global remittance.

To provide an e-Document system for all personal and citizen wallets of a user over mobile Phones. This will enable Wallet to overcome current barriers of single banking source and allow the easy usage of international transactions.

Our Approach

  • HeapTrace assisted the client in creating mobility solution known as digital wallet that enables in receiving, storing and utilizing all its content across the world with digital Wallet.
  • All the virtual currency wallets can be gathered at a place that can be used while shopping, booking etc.
  • Creating a social feature available offering great discounts for the purchase of any items.
  • Sending money securely across the globe.
  • E-ticketing possible with the solution built.
  • Digital wallet overcomes current barriers of single banking source. Also, enabling easier international transactions.
  • Support over the counter payment bill payment as well as transactions between two different wallets such as cash wallets, crypto wallets, open banking wallets, etc.
  • Provide multiple payment and currency options to the customers while shopping.
  • Manage all personal and citizen cards including Access Card, Boarding Pass, Business Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, Driving license, Event, Id Card at one place.
  • Utilizing the wallet for accessing the merchant's offers.
  • Everything can be hosted virtually via ID card, driving license, biometric passports to a loyalty card, vouchers, receipts, mobile money and payment cards. This will help the user to access all the features just with the touch of their finger.
  • Support NFC (near field communication) technology allowing connection between two devices—for instance, a mobile phone and a payments terminal.
  • Provide transaction wise graphical representation of the crypto money transfers.
  • Shopping options as per the users choice.
  • Support multiple wallets for better accessibility.

Technology Stack

To meet the requirements of the client and create a unique solution for them our team of experts came together and successfully delivered the solution as per the client’s needs. The technologies they used while developing Putt wallet includes