Recently one of our privileged client came to us with the challenge of developing an intuitive solution that would offer the best deals from multiple top retailers (including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, others) to global users. Moreover, they were very specific with their requirements:

The Goal

Accurately develop the deals management platform that will make up the customer base and provide the best deals recommendations to optimize users experience according to their search criteria.

Our Approach

  • Assessed the effectiveness of existing eCommerce navigation strategy and nomenclature.
  • Developed detailed personas for clearly identifying the data for the best deals.
  • Storing that data on the database of the new platform, displaying that database on the webpage.
  • Display the new data being fetched after every 30 minutes of cron job execution.
  • Deals get refreshed every 30 minutes.
  • Notifying users for every new deal on a daily basis that will fit their requirements through emails and SMS by creating reminders or deal alerts on the basis of keywords and categories.
  • Deals matching to the most searched keywords would also be sent to the users.
  • The notification was sent via emails or messages or both depending upon users' choices.
  • Easy sharing of deals using multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Email, Google and share the unique URL for deals to multiple users.

Technology Stack

We successfully delivered the solution as per the client expectation with the combination of the best technological stack followed by their proficiency. Some of the technologies used by them include



Ultimately, after all the analysis, The solution offers its users with a website to purchase the deals from brand retailers. The application includes all that the company wanted to provide its users.

On a single click, users get directed to a particular vendor’s website that offers the best deal amongst others. On the other hand, with the number of likes and dislikes users can easily analyze the popularity of any deal. Moreover, they can add their feedback and also can view others' feedback.