The Goal

To provide a user-friendly eCommerce system interface that allows easy handling of Inventories.

The platform should have an easy & secure payment gateway.

The platform needs to be integrated with all the social media channels allowing easy sharing of product.

Moreover, eradicating all the challenges the client had with an old version of the website.

Our Approach

  • Ensuring that all the features desired by the client seamlessly fit within the website.
  • The solution offers wide-ranging functionalities as required by the client.
  • Inventory handling became far easier because of project planning.
  • Intuitive as well as easy to navigate user interface.
  • Replacement of new platform instead of using older one made their services much faster.
  • Social media integration for sharing the product with all the connections.
  • Support multiple channels for payment such as PayPal, Debit/Credit card, Mastercard, etc.
  • Easy and secure payment gateway integration.

Technology Stack

Developers at HeapTrace with the help of