The Goal

Creating a P2P E-Commerce Platform across the globe based on user’s need & buying pattern leveraging social media channels etc. Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc across the world giving high returns in a short-term by buying and selling the products of various categories.

Creating a robust and scalable solution for buyer, seller, retailers that can create new business opportunities for every individual.

Our Approach

  • Real-Time Interaction at One Place with the help of Live Chat. Also, Video Streaming where buyers making goods visible before buying.
  • Chat-Based Interaction Service where a buyer can directly chat with the seller before making a final decision.
  • Live video streaming where the seller can showcase his products to the buyers.
  • Social Community Platform for selling to keeping customers engaged with them. By the means of showcasing multiple products at a time over Facebook, Twitter, Others.
  • Physical Products: where one need not maintain inventory or incur any shipping costs. There’s no recurring cost of goods, so you retain the majority of your sales in profits.
  • Digital Products: Making them available into the form of downloadable or streamable files. For instance, MP3s, PDFs, videos, plug-ins, and templates.
  • Easy Checkout Process by providing multiple payment gateways to checkout with your favourite modes.
  • Quick Access to Dashboard Analytics which can give sellers an overview of products metrics and profits summary details.
  • Advance Report Management reporting tool, where the seller can access the dynamic reports. That will be based on products, orders and customer liking and disliking of a particular product.
  • Providing Return and Cancellation Policy to keep their clients motivated and engaged with them.

Technology Stack

Technological stack used while creating a product that met all the client's needs includes