The Goal

Developing a unique CMS based event booking platform that will enable buying, selling, viewing, downloading and printing haunt tickets in a single platform.

Our Approach

  • Enables buying, selling as well as management of booking haunt shows online.
  • One can now buy, sell, store, view, print and download the haunt tickets anytime, anywhere.
  • Payment is also easy and flawless with the secured payment gateway powered by PayPal.
  • Now the purchase of the haunt tickets with your favourite locations by choosing ticket types such as Fast Pass, VIP & Groups etc.
  • Events are managed by creating individual customs with the foo-event plugin in WordPress.
  • By creating the Foo-Event calendar plugin we can add the calendar view of all haunt events.
  • This calendar can be added to the post and pages with simple shortcodes.

Technology Stack

With the combination of below technologies along with the CMS (Content Management System) platform our team of developers delivered a unique platform to view, buy, download or sell haunting tickets for multiple events.