The Goal

Developing an application that will allow easy access to all the medical records. Furthermore, highlighting all critical data in the case document. Also, the records should follow a chronological provider order. In addition to this application enables in customization of medical summaries that can include reports from the past as well which can also save a lot of time when reviewing a case file.

Our Approach

  • We developed the application as per the client’s requirement that can streamline the tracking case documents. That has been through different stages including Sorting, Indexing, Summarization, listing, proofing, uploading and delivering.
  • The application offers assurance for the protection of health-related data, privacy and security. Moreover, when a huge amount of data is being processed on a daily basis.
  • The solution is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance has the guideline towards the protection of data in a form (physical, technical and administrative).
  • Handing over summaries and case documents promptly to the clients within the agreed TAT (turn around time).
  • Allocating case reports to the medical practitioner who has good experience of scanning and analyzing all types of medical reports
  • Every single record/ visit indexed in chronological order for summarization.
  • Providing an update on every case status on email to the members of the team.
  • Creating an easy and effective channel for communication for synchronizing Indexer, proofer, uploader and internal roles played within the organization.

Technology Stack

Our developers were very much successful in fulfilling every single need of the client. The technological stacks that enabled them achieving their goal include