Healthcare insurers in the United States process more than 5 billion claims for payment almost every year.

The Goal

Delivering a cost-effective as well as a time-saving solution satisfying the requirements of the client. That would allow instant availability of data for quick settlement of claims. Also, to categorize and break down the codes were into smaller files so that it can easily be searched in the code description. Moreover, the aim was to increase the accessibility of the clients' by further categorizing the codes.

Our Approach

  • Setting up Crawler for the source website.
  • The crawler would first visit the website and download all the Local Coverage Documents [LCDs].
  • The Crawler would then visit the web page for each LCD ID and download that page.
  • A parser was then used for extracting relevant data from the previously downloaded page.
  • The data was then stowed in the database and then exported the pipeline of a separate text file.
  • More than 5.5 million unique codes were parsed and stored in the database along with the text files for further processing.

Technology Stack