EHR solutions that are designed to share patient information

Our personalized EHRs allow the patient's medical information to be transferred with them to specialists, laboratories, imaging centers, emergency rooms and pharmacies, as well as through state lines.

Today we help providers improve the health of the community and facilitate collaborative care for patients. From the transition to new value-based care models, to the use of cloud technology and the improvement of the income cycle, our solutions and services help outpatient practices thrive, offer better care and better results. lower cost, and place patients in the center.

Get information, act, generate better results

Analyzes are fundamental for value-based care. We seamlessly transform disparate data into actionable information to make better decisions; guide interventions, involve patients and high-risk and high-risk populations, and increase the health of their community.

  • Access data
  • Evaluate the risk
  • Coordinated care
  • Involve patients
  • Improve the results
  • Repeat

We can help you reach an optimal level of well-being of the population and improve the coordination of care and results, especially important to increase risk and patients with chronic diseases.

Electronic health records are expected to make healthcare more efficient and less costly, making the change a good investment for our nation's health care. With quick, accurate and updated information, medical errors are reduced and medical attention is improved. safest and most reliable medication. More complete information means more accurate diagnoses.

Engaged patients create healthy communities

Patient participation is the engine that drives better results, healthier communities and lower costs. Our integrated patient participation solutions automate commitment and involve patients in their own continuous care and well-being and facilitate patient participation.

Real-time Information

Streamlined sharing of updated,real-time information.

Decision Making

Access to tools that providers can use for decision-making.

Medical History

A complete medical history of the patient, from allergies and radiology ../images to lab results. Benefits of EHRs