Help make education affordable, accessible and adaptable for all

Provide the best student experiences and the clearest paths to success through graduation by streamlining and centralizing digital learning and communication channels, and leveraging digitally integrated financial processes and analysis to maximize revenue generation and financial integrity.

  • Management of subsidies for dealers.
  • Donations management.
  • Management of student fees.

Directs and shapes a digital educational environment with an open knowledge exchange

Optimize digital agility to balance competitive and integrated functions in educational institutions. Reimagine the commitment of students and learning models through teaching and research based on results. Transform management models with digital platforms and institutional operations through innovative models that serve digital students.

Transform the campus experience for students, teachers and staff

With Heaptrace, you can accelerate and automate the provision of modern campus services to increase the participation of students and teachers. Now, students, faculty and employees have easy and transparent access to services. By automating and expanding the delivery of services on a single trusted cloud platform, you can provide better campus services at a lower cost.

Increase the strategic value of IT

Technology is a critical component of learning, teaching and research; however, their IT resources are often consumed by maintaining the infrastructure instead of innovation. With Heaptrace, you can offer better IT support at a lower cost. Offer modern IT services on campus, eliminate service interruptions and align resources with strategic priorities that transform the experience of students and faculty.

Protect student research and data

With ServiceNow, you can protect your latest research data and personal information of students. Transfer incident data from your security tools to a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation and a deep connection with IT to prioritize threats according to the impact they pose to your institution. And solve them quickly.

Simplify work throughout the campus

With a single web and mobile application development platform, ServiceNow provides a system and processes to streamline work across the university. Now you can offer a comprehensive service experience for students, teachers and staff.

Students, teaching and learning
  • Management of the student life cycle.
  • Teaching and learning.
  • Learning measurement and achievement tracking.
Academic and commercial research
  • Planning and execution of the investigation.
  • Research Analytics.
  • Perspectives of medical research.
Education and research income
  • Management of subsidies for dealers.
  • Donations management.
  • Management of student fees.