Insurance Processes

Our innovative solutions equip the insurance industry to move forward with the uncertain future and exploit emerging opportunities. Our deep knowledge of insurance business processes has allowed us to design these solutions that help insurance clients to obtain an optimal value of IT investments.

Support integrated insurance processes for many business lines

Improve customer interactions, streamline basic insurance operations and simplify financial processes by connecting digital processes for all lines of business and integration of horizontal and specific insurance solutions.

Open new opportunities in the insurance sector through digital transformation

Discover how to take advantage of Big Data in your insurance business and take advantage of the digital economy. Adopt processes for better operational agility and boost their levels of transparency.

Find banking software adapted to your needs

Shape the success of your bank in the digital economy by developing and providing financial services and technologies, such as mobile banking, omnichannel banking and digital banking analytics. Satisfy and surprise current customers while attracting new ones with innovative and safe services.

Digital Orchestration
  • Insurer connected.
  • IoT Foundation Services for Insurance.
  • Cloud Platform for Insurance.
  • Information on mobile assets.
Engagement with the Client
  • Marketing.
  • Acquisition of Omnichannel Digital for customers.
  • Sales.
  • Omnichannel customer service.
Main insurance operations
  • Policy processing.
  • Claim life cycle.
  • Reinsurance life cycle.
  • Billing and payments

Service Offers

1. Property and casualty

With the rise of digitization, the property and damage insurance (P & C) industry is under a tremendous threat to face increased competition arising from increased demand for innovative products and the use of multiple electronic channels. The adoption of emerging technologies such as telematics, GIS has become a "must". Fraud management and cost control of claims are among the top priorities of general property players and third party damages.

2. Life insurance

Heaptrace offers innovative solutions for every aspect of the life insurance value chain. In addition to offers aimed at legacy modernization, our portfolio of solutions covers areas such as claims, policy service, new business and underwriting, closed book accounting, among others. Our next generation of infrastructure services and Business Intelligence frameworks / analyzes have made Heaptrace a provider of choice among many global life insurers.

3. Reinsurance

Our solutions for the reinsurance business value chain cover central reinsurance management systems, financial reinsurance systems and the planning of the system's infrastructure. We also work with our partners in this space to accelerate the commercial value of our reinsurance clients. Our services are based on due diligence, business consulting and the development and maintenance of solutions for suppliers and domestic manufacturing solutions.