Collaborate in a digital world to improve patient outcomes

Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology to improve focus on the patient and caregiver, while improving global health in new and innovative ways.

Heaptrace Technology solutions and services help life sciences companies (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, clinical research organizations and life science technology providers) to adopt technological solutions to overcome these challenges and promote digital transformation.

Improve lives with the digital network of health sciences

Create a world where patients, doctors, providers and producers get closer together to achieve a shared goal: better outcomes for the patient. Heaptrace can help life sciences companies achieve this through a digital health sciences network that simplifies collaboration throughout the value chain.

Find life science software tailored to your needs

Link cloud-based solutions with smart networks and sensors, while maintaining total patient privacy. Add value through Big Data analysis and connected health models, and execute business processes in real time.

Research and collaborative development and compliance
  • Project and portfolio management.
  • Personalized medicine and evidence in the real world.
  • Compliance with the product life cycle management.
  • Information about products and projects.
Strategic procurement and acquisition
  • Collaborative sourcing and contract management.
  • Operational purchases.
  • Supply Management.
  • External management of the workforce.
  • Management of invoices and accounts payable.
Supply networks driven by demand
  • Sales, inventory and operations planning.
  • Demand management.
  • Response and planning of supplies.
  • Response orchestration.
Compliant manufacturing
  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing and LIMS.
  • Manufacture of medical devices and quality management.
  • Manufacturing networks.
  • IoT Business Services.
  • Operations and maintenance of assets.

Our Offerings

IOT-enabled Quality Assurance & Predictive Maintenance

Non-disruptive & Faster quality inspection at the same speed of production process – Better tracking of process & product quality. Condition-based Monitoring of Equipment – Higher Reliability & Enhanced Asset Performance. Real-time visibility into 'In-service' product performance – Providing crucial data points for improving design & production process.

Supply Chain Synchronization

Responsive Supply Chain based on 'Demand Signaling' and 'Integrated Business Planning'. Next Generation Supply Chain Framework, with much enhanced agility and flexibility of supply chain operations. Enhanced visibility across Supply Chain, facilitating Optimization.