We develop customized medical health solutions that meet your specifications and scale to meet the demands of users.

Heaptrace integrates the development of healthcare applications to offer mobile software that simplifies the examination and treatment of surgeons, doctors and nurses. We create medical applications that save time, built around individuals and tasks.

We can work together with you to clearly determine the needs of your application and see if a web application or a native mobile application would be the best option for your business. Once the requirements of your application are clearly defined, we can design and develop the most effective application for your particular business, keeping the process simple, direct and profitable.

Our members of the mobile application development team are specialists with specific skills and are well trained in multiple mobile platforms. All mobile solutions developed by Heaptrace are specially designed for speed, efficiency and portability. They use the best standards and practices in their mobile application development work on all platforms.

Heaptrace has the professional ability to create a custom mobile application or create a mobile website, native applications for iOS, Windows and Android devices. Using a receptive web design technique, we can offer our customers an application that will display their content in a uniform and correct manner on a wide range of devices, platforms and screen sizes, in the case of mobile websites. With native mobile applications, we adhere to provide excellent connectivity and can work together with the special features of your phone, such as the camera, GPS or microphone. This will make a mobile phone even easier to use and give you some very intuitive skills. Native mobile applications are not limited to downloading the program from the network, but can be sold directly to users.

Overwhelming compliance: HIPAA

Compliance should increase your security, do not overload it. The HIPAA compliance guide sets out the compliance requirements, as well as the things you can do not only to meet those requirements, but also to improve your overall safety in the process.

Webcast: Health safety

Join a distinguished panel of safety professionals in the health industry, as they exchange views on the main issues, opportunities and challenges you may face in securing personal health information.

Features of mobile application development

Task-oriented Approach

To offer easy-to-use software, we pay special attention to the purpose of each application. Taking into account the requirements of each department in particular, we create customized solutions to help your staff accomplish tasks more efficiently.

UI / UX Design

Easy to use. As developers of health care applications, we create elaborate UX patterns. Thanks to a complete interface and smooth navigation, your employees will perform the necessary tasks without going through multiple screens, which is exhausting and time consuming.

Integration with multiple internal systems

To provide additional value to your organization, we make the mobile application a gateway to other solutions in your infrastructure, including EHR, practice management, programming, revenue cycle management and other systems.

Security Assurance

We understand the importance of data protection in the development of mobile applications for health care. We make sure that only authorized personnel have access to clinical information, within the scope of their authority.