Support smart mining by connecting business operations

Transform and simplify your operations in finance, sales, asset management and the supply chain. By applying digital technologies, such as Big Data, advanced analysis and Internet of Things (IoT), can offer operational excellence that allows sustainable competitive differentiation.

Prepare to win in a digital world where technology is transforming mining. The mining industry is undergoing dramatic changes as it enters the digital era. Learn how you can take charge of your digital transformation to offer new business models and processes that provide new levels of operational excellence and sustainable competitive differentiation.

Find mining software tailored to your needs

Inspire and shape a digital world that reinvents safety and productivity. Our vision for a different type of business based on data and make use of the latest technologies to drive Big Data, mobility, autonomy, geo sensing, analysis and even 3D printing.

The mining industry is between an unprecedented increase in demand driven by population growth, as well as a series of challenges in the management of daily operations. The main mining organizations are interested in exploring new practices that sustain and grow the business. The implementation of Information Management (IM) will help mining organizations achieve business objectives and meet demanding compliance requirements. A deep knowledge of the priority areas for the mining industry will ensure that IM initiatives are not implemented as were technology projects, but that they generate commercial benefits for the organization.

Commodity Supply Chain Management
  • Long-term business planning.
  • Management of basic products.
  • Management of bulk transport and not in bulk.
Mining Operations
  • Portfolio of capital and project management.
  • Mining operations and processing downstream.
  • Operations and maintenance of assets.
Operational Risk Management and Compliance
  • Environment, Health and Safety.
  • Compliance with the product life cycle management.
  • Corporate sustainability.