Creative Solutions

The energy and natural resources industry is dynamic, diverse and global in scale. The companies in this sector demand integral and creative solutions.

Obtain better control and visibility in your production, distribution, sales and commercial operations operations. We specialize in modernizing and modernizing existing systems and integrating new IT systems.

Renew and create new values ​​for the oil and gas industry

The Oil and Gas landscape presents unique opportunities and challenges in upstream, midstream and downstream operations. Your company needs to identify new assets for exploration while increasing production at existing oil and gas fields. Globalization requires that your company comply with cross-border regulations and protect your business interests. Significantly, you must ensure the safety of your personnel and protect the environment at all times.

Our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in exploration and production, pipeline management, refining and marketing, energy trading and risk management, geographic information systems, hydrocarbon accounting and alternative energy drive superior commercial performance. We partner with oil and gas companies, oil suppliers, and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies. Our experience includes the implementation of greenfield projects for the transformation of operations on land and offshore in brownfield refineries.

Fuel agility, efficiency and new sources of income with information

Volatility is the new normal in oil and gas. And in this new reality, oil and gas companies must go beyond improving the process to reinvent the way they do business. Heaptrace customized oil and gas solutions can help you gain an advantage in a "slower for longer" market, boost productivity despite reduced labor and boost growth in a volatile ecosystem.

Modernize oil and gas production and distribution processes

Connect workers, suppliers and customers in a digital energy network to simplify processes; improve the efficiency and reach new levels of security, cost control and agility to thrive in challenging markets.

Our objective: to facilitate the operations of production, distribution, sales and commercialization of oil and natural gas companies. HeapTrace partners with oil and gas producers, distributors and retailers, responding to the dramatic evolution of the oil and gas industry.

The new market dynamics, characterized by still relatively low prices and a greater preference for sustainable energy resources, have made it difficult for oil and gas companies to operate profitably throughout the industry's value chain. Now they must identify their strengths and specialize in those activities, while rationalizing the underlying processes and minimizing operating costs. Digital technologies can play a key role in this endeavor.

Orchestration of projects
  • Planning capital.
  • Portfolio of capital and project management.
  • Shutdown, change and failures.
Production of hydrocarbons
  • Hydrocarbon production management.
  • Hydrocarbons Revenue Management.
  • Field logistics.
Hydrocarbon logistics
  • Supply and distribution of hydrocarbons.
  • Visibility of hydrocarbon processing.
  • Commercial sales and marketing.
Operational integrity
  • Risk analysis and governance.
  • Competence of the workforce.
  • Asset Management.