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Heaptrace Transform the future of ticket sales for live events


Booking online through mobile devices, desktop computers and tablets has encouraged the most convenient and fastest way to buy tickets around the world, and we do it in an extraordinary way. We have developed large projects in the industry that adapt to a large audience and provide a seamless booking experience for web users and mobile devices. Our developers have been able to create holistic approaches to select, store, manage and communicate through secure and convenient digital platforms.

Covering broader audiences

From offering ticket purchasing functions to a small, local target audience, to offering ready-to-use features to travelers who prefer to hang out in selected locations, we have developed applications for everyone. To gain the interest and satisfaction of customers, our team of developers guarantees a real-time booking experience where users can see the availability of seats in real time, the distance from the screen, multiple shows in various regions and the like.

Modern technology implemented

You speak of mobile devices, portable devices, IoT, Cloud, we have a solution for each one of them. For a charming and connected experience, we know the preferences and preferences of the user. They want to have the same experience on all devices. In all our ticket sales applications for events, we suggest that customers introduce the scanning of mobile tickets and smartwatch on the spot.

Featured packed software

For the administrator to manage and manage customer information and reservations, we implement the best technologies and tools such as BrainTree, Stripe and others necessary for the service. Booking management, payment integration, security of customer information and personalization of experiences are important tasks for the service provider. We incorporate the best Big Data solutions, integration of payment gateway, point of sale services in our applications.

Our Solutions

Our solutions for event management and ticket sales companies are transformational and based on your business needs. We offer innovative solutions that align technology with your business needs and help you grow your business by reaching a wider audience. We provide solutions to the following Event management companies.

Musical events
Any company, in the sale of tickets