Offer sustainable energy with the latest innovations in public services

Manage the ebb and flow of energy generation, transmission, distribution and retail by digitizing energy management processes to meet changing regulatory, environmental, operational, customer and technology needs.

Accept digital transformation in utilities
  • Provide reliable, sustainable and affordable energy, while increasing benefits and reducing costs, by simplifying and digitizing operations in a digital energy network.
  • The public services industry is on the threshold of a massive restructuring, since it seeks to modernize an obsolete infrastructure, take advantage of smart grid technologies, move to renewable energies and transform distribution and storage systems. With increased competition and growing customer demands, utilities are gradually being transformed into efficient digital companies.
  • The main objective of the industry is to drive innovative innovations and stimulate disruptive growth by adopting the latest digital technologies. Its main challenges include increasing cost management, addressing threats to cybersecurity and creating new data-driven business models. By adopting the latest IT solutions and services from the public services industry, companies can meet these challenges, improve customer engagement and ultimately improve their bottom line. Our solutions and support services are scalable, with the flexibility to reconfigure or admit applications profitably. We also provide integrated software and systems integration solutions through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Mobility, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, e-engineering and process control, and automation solutions.

Find software adapted to your public service needs

Navigate through environmental challenges, while improving regulatory compliance and operational efficiency, with our products for public utility companies. From smart grid analysis and meter data management to demand side management, we have solutions to help your business run better.

Optimization of the energy supply
  • Portfolio of capital and project.
  • Administration.
  • Fuel management.
  • Programming and load management.
Operational efficiency for plants & grids
  • Operations and maintenance of assets.
  • Network of assets.
  • Environment, Health and Safety.
  • Operations and maintenance of the device.
  • Reading of meters and management of energy data.
  • Planning and analysis of public services.
Engagement with the client
  • Contextual marketing.
  • Smarter selling and trading.
  • Excellence in customer service.