We offer custom Android application development services for companies and new businesses to attract users effectively. Finding a true partner that can provide expertise in mobile technology has become crucial for startups, large and small organizations in a wide range of companies. We provide the necessary Android technology experience for your Android application development project. We also help companies improve their operational efficiency, their cost structure and maintain their technological competitiveness.

Our team is well versed in the provision of services from the specific design of Android to the customization of the Android operating system. Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world and also one of the complex ecosystems with an infinity of phones of different dimensions, manufacturers and form factors.

Our Android application development service adheres to the best Android architectural standards of its kind and fully comprehends the comprehensive Android ecosystem, helping us to create scalable and sustainable Android applications on Android platforms such as Android phones, tablets, Android Wear and Android TV.

Development service to create scalable Android solutions offering services and robust solutions for the development of Android applications with a team of strategists, designers and developers who sculpt concepts and business models for the Android mobile platform.

Developed by an enthusiastic team of Android application developers who love research on the platform's latest and future features, we offer services to build robust and scalable application solutions for emerging concepts for leading companies in the industry. Our team works closely with clients to offer solutions that solve real-life problems and help them monetize.

Get your Android application developed in the most professional way apparently, if you are looking to develop an Android master application with great functionality and ease of use, you will need a professional and reliable Android developer with years of experience and great experience.

With an Android developer from Heaptrace Technology, you get:
  • Mobile apps are just the ticket for Android platforms.
  • Easy to use applications that will awaken the dynamism of users.
  • A flexible and dedicated development capacity.
  • Professional recommendation and the most advanced practice in the development of Android applications.

At the beginning we took our time to sit down with our client and draw a non-technical presentation of the Android application and its main features. It helps us clarify any questions about the Android application and also avoids any difficulties in the development of Android applications. Only after having understood the client, the objectives, the vision and the target audience of your company, we move on to the second stage of development.


After drawing the recommendations, we created an action plan. During this phase of the development of Android applications, we work on the software and hardware requirements, the scope and deadlines of the project, the milestones that can be fixed. We inform you about each step and keep it updated. We do our best to keep the application development phase as flexible as possible to avoid any unforeseen difficulties.


This is the execution phase. In the project requirements, we use a variety of Android application development methodologies, such as Agile or Waterfall during the development of mobile applications. During this phase, you will receive updates and suggestions from our project manager, so you are up to date during the creation of your Android application. This is the phase in which the application is repeatedly tested with acid to generate programming errors.


At this stage of the Android application development phase, the application is not yet ready for the end user. The Android application must be hosted in markets and app stores, and only users can download and use it. In this phase, we take care of the thousand and one parts of your Android application that must be tested in triplicate before the Android application comes out during prime time.


The freshly baked Android app is not meant to last forever. In a few months, the Android version will be updated, markets will evolve and customers will want new features. These changes will call your application to update. We will keep a commitment with you and not We will ensure that the investment you have made in software development offers the best value for money.