The smartest way to test your applications with our test automation services

Automatic tests are an excellent way to ensure that new versions of products do not break functionality or introduce new errors. Compared to manual testing, QA automation offers many benefits that can reduce costs, radically reduce time to market, optimize development workflows and dramatically improve the quality of the final product. Test automation services can address these problems and provide a mechanism for constantly repeating a test procedure and verifying the results of the application. It can be effective both for regression testing and during development.

The need to eliminate the slow and slow approach of manual execution of the tests, repeatedly throughout the testing process, has diverted the evaluators towards an alternative approach, that is, automated testing. Automated testing involves running automated tests or test scripts with the help of some specific tools and frameworks, namely, automated test tools.

We do not just create automation scripts. We focus on the creation of end-to-end testing automation solutions that guarantee high quality software products. By using our quality control automation services, you can launch faster without sacrificing quality, which is critical in the current world of demanding users, fierce competition and ever-changing business requirements.

More than half of the software projects do not achieve the objectives or suffer a significant delay in the program and budget because the defects are discovered too late. Our automated test framework is methodological, cost effective and with ROI. Our quality control team is involved from the initial requirements analysis phase and continues to work with the development team until the product is activated.

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Fastest time to market

Automated tests are an order of magnitude faster than a group of manual test engineers. Tests can also be run in parallel, so multiple devices, platforms or browsers can be tested simultaneously.

Cost savings
  • The new code can break things, so the periodic regression test is essential.
  • To ensure quality, automated tests can be executed as many times as necessary, without having to pay for manual tests over and over again.
Complicated business logic test

The automation of QA allows to test complicated scenarios and business logic in a robust and reliable way, saving a lot of effort. How about automatically testing multi-user interactive games or the navigation logic of the map?

Discard human error

A person who performs long or repetitive tests may accidentally skip a scene step or forget to document an error. Automated tests improve quality by running your tests in a 100% consistent manner.