Bluemix is ​​now the IBM Cloud service

Bluemix is ​​the new cloud that IBM provides. It allows organizations and developers to create, deploy and manipulate packages in the cloud quickly and without difficulty. Bluemix is ​​an implementation of the IBM Open Cloud architecture based primarily on Cloud Foundry, an open-service-as-a-service (PaaS) platform. Bluemix offers enterprise level services that can be combined seamlessly with your cloud programs without you knowing how to configure or configure them. This article offers a high level description of Cloud Foundry and Bluemix, and describes the capabilities and services that have been part of the Bluemix open beta, which makes it a convincing PaaS in the market today.

Bluemix is ​​an implementation of the Open Cloud architecture of IBM, based on Cloud Foundry, which allows you to create, implement and quickly manipulate your applications in the cloud. Because Bluemix is ​​based on Cloud Foundry, you can directly target a growing environment of frameworks and runtime services. In addition to presenting additional frameworks and services, Bluemix offers a dashboard for the purpose of creating, viewing and manipulating your packages and services, as well as showing the use of useful resources in your software. The Bluemix control panel also offers the ability to manage corporations, areas and people that can be accessed directly.

Bluemix provides access to a wide range of services that can be incorporated into a utility. Several of those services are added through Cloud Foundry. Others are introduced from IBM and third-party services. New and more advantageous services are regularly delivered to the catalog. To see the cutting-edge list of execution times and services, and your reputation visit the Bluemix catalog.

What IBM Cloud can do with your business enterprise

IBM Cloud is a platform that helps developers build and execute current applications and services. It gives developers instant access to the computation and services they need to launch quickly, iterate constantly and scale successfully. With mobile services, IoT, IBM Watson and more, IBM Cloud is a perfect platform for electricity from the next wave of applications that thrive on records.

Build and run applications

Use powerful and open runtime delivery technologies, boxes and virtual machines to provide electricity to your applications and services.

Access data and applications

Transform your uncooked data into relevant statistics to assemble for consumption and use in manufacturing applications.

Get a flexible hybrid cloud

IBM Cloud is presented as a single and stable platform in the public, committed cloud and in the facilities. Start anywhere and grow easily as your method evolves over time.

Protection and privacy within the cloud

IBM allows groups to scale and adapt quickly to the conversion of the desires of business enterprises without compromising the security, privacy or risk stages while using IBM cloud services.

Designed for your data

Take advantage of the broadest range of relational databases to NoSQL while ensuring consistency, integrity and overall performance.

AI prepared

Combine the high-performance infrastructure with a wide variety of Watson APIs and study machines to create your own packages.

Secure to the core

Deliver about 60 local property and operation information facilities with key market protection products and services.