Azure is a complete set of cloud services that developers and IT specialists use to build, deploy and manage programs through our global network of data facilities. Included equipment, DevOps and a market help you build correctly from simple cellular applications to Internet-scale solutions.

Azure is effective for developers

Get your applications in the market faster. The built-in Azure team, from cellular DevOps to serverless computing, helps your productivity. Build the way you want, the use of gear and open supply technology that you realize. Azure helps a variety of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices.

  • Constantly innovate and offer incredible applications.
  • Provide motion device reports with support for all major cellular systems.
  • Fully run any stack, Linux-based or Windows-based, and use advanced skills that include the Kubernetes cluster on the Azure field transporter.

Azure is the best regular hybrid cloud

Build and deploy where you need it with Azure, the most effective regular hybrid cloud available in the market. Connect data and applications within the cloud and on the premises to maximize the portability and price of your existing investments. Azure provides a hybrid consistency in application improvement, administration and protection, identification management and in the records platform.

  • Expand Azure in your facilities and build innovative and hybrid applications with Azure Stack.
  • Join local information and applications to overcome complexity and optimize your current property.
  • Distribute and examine records without interruptions in the cloud and on the premises.

Azure is the cloud to create smart applications

Use Azure to create smart apps driven by records. From the popularity of the image to bot services, take advantage of Azure's statistical services and artificial intelligence to create new scalable reviews that help deep mastering, HPC simulations and real-time analysis in any form and length of statistics.

  • Develop innovative applications with built-in artificial intelligence.
  • Build and configure customized AI fashions at scale, in any information.
  • Combine the Microsoft fine and open the supply facts and AI improvements.

Azure is the cloud you can believe in 90% of Fortune 500 organizations agree with Microsoft Cloud. Be part of them. Take advantage of Microsoft security, privacy, transparency and the most complete compliance insurance of any company in the cloud.

  • Global reach scope in a global network of data centers controlled by Microsoft in 42 introduced areas.
  • Locate and mitigate threats with a critical view of all your Azure assets through the Azure security center.
  • It depends on the cloud with the maximum coverage of complete compliance (more than 70 compliance services) and recognized as the most reliable cloud for the establishments of the US authorities.

Azure Solutions

Health Care

Expand solutions for proactive and personalized medical care with security and confidential data compliance. Azure offers a platform to develop connected solutions that provide proactive and personalized medical care through people and devices. Microsoft complies with international standards of protection and compliance to meet in each era and consider.

Economic Services

Reimagine the customer's delight, train employees, optimize risk management and transform the project of your product. Virtual transformation under pressure with Microsoft Azure. Reimagine the user experience, train staff with contemporary tools, optimize risk management and transform their products taking advantage of the cloud and linked monetary systems.


Provide personal, integrated and differentiated experiences with fully compiled information based on information. Provide private, integrated and differentiated experiences that involve your customers online and in stores. With the use of Microsoft Azure, you may be able to act on statistics based entirely on customer knowledge on all the factors of your business to push profitability and boom.


Benefit from practical knowledge and respond quickly to customer comments and market traits. Stay together with the wishes of your customers and drive the transformation of the company using modernization in a smart factory. Through the commercial network of factors (IoT) and Microsoft Azure, it will take advantage of the actionable knowledge and will respond quickly to the observations of the buyers and the developments of the market.

Innovate faster with Azure records services

Wherever your information is located, Microsoft Azure will help you unlock your capacity. Build smart applications faster using the equipment and technology of your choice and artificial intelligence (AI) that is already integrated.

Build effortlessly and implement anywhere

Use the current talent units and teams of your group that understands and loves to build smart apps and install without changing the code. Build it as soon as, installation everywhere: within the cloud, on the premises and to separate devices, with the security of worldwide distribution to larger data centers than another provider.

Create an effect on the use of an open platform

Choose your preferred technologies, along with the open supply. Azure supports a variety of implementation alternatives, stacks and famous languages ​​and a full set of statistics engines. Take advantage of this flexibility, plus the performance, scale and security added by Microsoft technologies to create applications for any situation.

Create applications with integrated intelligence

The creation of smart applications with the use of Azure is simple, because no other platform provides analysis and local AI in your statistics wherever you live and in the languages ​​you use. Take advantage of an extensive set of cognitive APIs to, without difficulty, create new studies in their applications for human intelligence.