Mobility testing services

We offer comprehensive mobile testing services that ensure that the desired user experience and planned business value are delivered through the right mobile solution.

Mobile applications are at the center of digital transformation in all sectors today. Customers now have the option to switch effortlessly to alternative mobile applications and are increasingly intolerant of the user's poor experience, functional flaws, below-standard performance or device compatibility issues. The mobile application test is, therefore, now a critical function for the business.

Our mobility testing services provide robust and high-performance mobile applications to businesses. Our automated services ensure that the applications you build have extensive regression coverage, accelerate time to market and provide a superior customer experience through mobile devices. The companies that work with us have been able to obtain higher scores in customer experience indexes, lower costs and better time to market.

With the increasing complexity, the increase of functions and functionalities, multiple platforms and network configurations, memory capacity, wide range of devices and many similar things, there is much to try on the mobile. These multiple and distinct elements derive the great set of possible and complex combinations that must be verified and validated in real devices or in emulators or in both to guarantee the attribute of quality. In addition, factors such as limited time and limited resources restrict the use of manual approach to mobile testing and demands for the automation of mobile application testing.

Our framework can automatically test mobile applications on all major platforms and devices. We can create and execute functional, integration, system and UI tests and run them in parallel using our proprietary test stand
  • Try native, hybrid or web mobile apps.
  • Use real devices, emulators and cloud services to test.
  • Multiplatform support.
  • Run tests in parallel to accelerate.
  • The ability to generate a variety of reports for 100% visibility of results.

Performance tests are necessary to evaluate various quality attributes and identify what should be done before marketing the product. By performing software performance tests, you can make the most of your application and achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. For any use of the application, loading speed and scalability are the parameters that confirm the performance of the application over a period of time.

Challenges with mobile applications

The mobile applications market is unique due to its highly competitive and fluctuating environment and the wide range of different mobile devices, as well as operators and the regularly updated iOS, Windows Phone and Android operating systems. Therefore, the basis of the success of the industry will be high-quality, high-performance mobile applications. The quality, functionality and compatibility of your mobile application in all relevant devices, usability and aesthetic appeal play a fundamental role in the success of the particular application and, more importantly, in your business.

User Experience
  • Consistency of user interface design, visual problems and behavior of the user interface.
  • Receptive design in various densities and screen sizes.
  • UI display and device feedback.
  • Functional tests and execution of user trips.
  • User experience with application-specific functionality.
Performance perspective
  • The demands of the processor and the memory of the application.
  • Requirements of network bandwidth.
  • Insufficient resource application behavior.
  • Behavior of the application in relation to multitasking.
Security perspective
  • Remote storage.
  • Transfers of data.
  • Web services.
  • Mobile messaging.