Salesforce started with the vision of reinventing customer relationship management (CRM). On the basis that we have changed the way in which the software program of the employer is delivered and used, changing the company forever. All Salesforce products run completely within the cloud, so there are no configuration fees at a high price or protection, and your employees can work from any device with a phone with an Internet connection, pill or laptop.

How Salesforce helps you

Connect with your customers in a completely new way. Build more important and lasting relationships: better recognize your desires, perceive new possibilities for assistance, solve any problem more quickly and deploy applications aimed at clients at lightning speed. With a unique view of each consumer interaction, you can sell, offer service and market as never before.

  • Get better leads, close more offers and get faster.
  • Boom consumer loyalty, retention and pride.
  • Connect from 1 to 1 with clients on social networks, mobile devices and other devices.
  • Count on the client's needs mainly based on the previous behavior.
  • Control and manipulate your commercial enterprise at any time, from anywhere.

Health and existence Sciences

CRM reinvented for health sciences and lifestyles. Take the relationships of affected people and clinical innovation to new heights.

1. Salesforce for Healthcare

Understand the person behind the patient with a broad view of each user, linked through their health care network. Collectively, we can help you accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service and innovation so that your team can raise awareness about which topics are the highest: patients and members.

2. Salesforce for life sciences

Optimized to handle the specific and fast needs of the company, Salesforce for Life Sciences allows scientific tools and pharmaceutical companies to collaborate in complete ecosystems, introduce new products to the market more quickly, convert valuable information into actionable information and revolutionize the care of the people affected.


Make each sense of consumer experience customized. Join every part of your business on a single smart platform

Exert pressure on all advertising and display advertising, search and social networks from a single integrated platform. Locate new customers and manipulate hundreds of campaigns on social websites, mobile publishers and advertising ecosystems with the advertising of Studio Marketing Cloud. Visualize and document ad performance in a few clicks, so you can reach buyers with the right offer, at the right time.

Make advertising smarter

Create customizable and scalable travels that deliver the right offer to buyers at the right time in the right channel, through email, mobile devices, social networks, and more.

Remake digital commerce and reinvent the store

Make the celebration of purchases run smoothly on the Internet, social networks, mobile devices and stores. Allow omnichannel orders control competencies that allow buyers to buy everywhere and stores sell and satisfy everywhere.

Save money and boost real conversation

Conduct the appropriate conversations with consumers on your favorite channels. Customize each interaction and empower dealers to respond more quickly with the facts they want to show the current buyer for life in a lifetime buyer.


Become a prevailing sales system get a full view of customers through all channels to improve the promotion of passes and the additional sale while producing greater sales opportunities. With effective CPQ functionality, revenue groups can quickly decide the right solution for customers and simplify complicated approaches.

Offer a sensible operator anywhere

Provide an intelligent and personalized service with instant access to critical contracts and ownership data in a centralized location. With omnichannel and, the representatives of the operator can interact with the clients in the real time of the use of their line of codesired campaign.

Perform this Salesforce interactive tour for production

View precisely how the Salesforce platform helps production companies of any size create a new revenue boom through connecting with customers and helping them wherever they are.