Product Development

In the current market, full of fierce competition, many small and large companies are constantly looking for offshore software development companies that can help them create robust software and business applications in a timely and cost-effective manner. The objective is to adapt quickly to new market challenges, improve business performance and take advantage of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, etc.

Custom software products have become ubiquitous in every industry. They act as the new epicenters to perform the automated processing of information, the deep analysis of the system and the resolution of complex problems. Due to these benefits and many more, companies are constantly looking for the introduction of new programs and applications that can be perfectly aligned with their organizational structure. The challenge is to find the right offshore software development company that can help you keep up with evolving technologies and frameworks.

Outsourced development centers

For clients that seek to take advantage of the outsourcing of engineering services as a long-term strategic initiative, we establish dedicated engineering centers according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Our operating models include teams that work on the high seas (remote location), near the coast (near the client / project location) or hybrids (combination of offshore and offshore resources).

Our methodology to establish subcontracted development centers has helped our clients to reduce the barriers created by distance (while reducing the learning curve), in order to improve the center's reliability in the fulfillment of its strategic objectives. A detailed outsourcing strategy and a roadmap are developed in collaboration with the client, together with the processes necessary to implement and obtain the advantage abroad of the continuous improvement of processes and the general reduction of engineering costs. Our approach allows us to replicate the standards, practices and systems of the client's source code in the offshore center, while integrating seamlessly with the client's existing software product development environment / team. In addition, our hybrid delivery model offers customers the scale and efficiencies of outsourcing without compromising the desired local coordination / presence.

Product engineering services
  • Product development: we offer development from the architecture to the launch and the partial or complete development of the life cycle of the product according to your unique needs and needs.
  • Product improvement: we support product improvements and additional features based on market demand and the specific implementation of the customer.
  • Product migration: we carry out the entire migration process from a fully developed client-server product to web technology, smart devices and enabling mobile devices or from old technology to new technological platforms.
  • Product testing: we guarantee the quality of your products by being your third-party test equipment, from unit and modular tests to performance tests and integrated functionality.
  • Product maintenance: we make sure that your clients have the valuable support after the implementation, we provide product maintenance services.
Steps involved in the development of a product

Our competent product development services include the following steps:

  • Visualizing the product to be developed.
  • Defining the product
  • Product prototypes.
  • Engineering and construction of products.
  • Designing the product.
  • Implementing and executing the product.
Benefits of outsourcing product development services

Relieve your organization of constant pressure to develop new products by outsourcing product development services to O2I. We have years of experience in providing high quality and technology-based product development services to various organizations around the world. Our product development services are profitable.

We always deliver our services ahead of time. Our services can reduce risks and, at the same time, increase the quality and performance of your software product. With our extensive experience in the field of software development, we can address any type of customized software products your organization may need.