Test methodologies

Proactive tests with confidence Delivery of high quality products

There are many methodologies and models to develop and test software. We implement the most efficient test methodologies, to allow our clients to choose the most suitable models according to the test needs.

Software Testing is a discipline that has the fundamental responsibility of guaranteeing the quality of a product to offer true value and satisfy the expectations of the end user. Quality can easily become a very subjective element to deal with. It takes a lot of experience, foresight and customization to build objectivity in every test effort. Our test methodology ranges from Quality Consulting to Quality Sustenance, which gives you the flexibility to choose the whole set of services or just a specific service to meet your current quality needs.

Our testing processes and methodology are strongly based on
  • A well-defined test strategy and plan, to provide rigorous and structured testing.
  • Transparent and periodic communication with all interested parties.
  • Strong focus on the domain of the industry.
  • Strict use of metrics and internal frames to measure and improve quality with precision.

HeapTrace helps provide robust, reliable, secure and easy-to-use software products by testing the software through life-cycle tests for functional and nonfunctional requirements.

HeapTrace has its own test methodology, which is followed for all projects that need independent testing. These can be customized according to the specific testing needs of the client or the application.

Agile methodology

Agile uses iterative approach. By using this approach, software development must be divided into many short cycles that help minimize risks. The agile methodology is based on the following principles :

  • Provide continuous feedback.
  • Communication.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Have a courage.
  • Attention.

Rapid application development (RAD)

The Digital Group test approach allows you to create the Zero Bug Defect software in the fastest and most efficient way. In general, this is recommended in the following factors:

Traditional model / waterfall

We recommend the Waterfall model for large projects where detailed refined documentation is required. The test process includes:

The test services we provide are:

HeapTrace can help you evaluate your current testing practices / processes, improve the quality of developed software, identify test strategies, develop test plans and test cases, administer and run tests, and measure test results.

Core Software Testing Services includes comprehensive core testing services for system testing, system integration testing, regression testing, performance testing and user acceptance testing. Validation services for commercial requirements.

Specialized testing services include mobile application testing, integrated system testing, security testing, games and multimedia testing, industry standards / compliance-based testing, data integrity testing, interoperability testing and portability testing.