Transform your information into actionable intelligence


We provide integrated Business Intelligence and data storage solutions that provide an impetus for extended decision making. The solutions are designed to beautify people's commitment through functions such as information discovery, graphic visualization, and do-it-yourself self-service dashboards while helping groups achieve "democracy facts." Business Intelligence is the technique that allows transforming uncooked records for useful purposes of evaluating commercial companies. Business Intelligence services help uncover hidden business enterprise trends that improve information-based business choice, making our company's Business Intelligence services a foundation that helps you make ambitious decisions within the need and growth of the company.

Effective decision making is based on receiving the right information. The right Business Intelligence tool can help you leverage the information in your business business statistics with our BI consulting services. The business scenario of today is about analyzing business statistics in a way based on obtaining solutions from it. Our professional commercial Business Intelligence experts perform the task in a prepared manner.

So that you can live correctly in the current circumstances of the dynamic market, a company wants to set the following challenges perfectly:

  • Implementation of the correct response from the commercial company.
  • Implementation of short answer.
  • Active evaluation of large volume commercial companies for the right choice of decisions.
  • Extra precision in decision making.
Use Business Intelligence responses to push for better results

Understanding better about your business and market, and understanding it faster and faster than others, is the best way to earn an aggressive side. But to get there, you need business analytics from business-class intelligence (BI) responses. Many companies need to modernize their BI infrastructures and practices, such as record control, satisfactory information and information integration to improve agility and efficiency. However, they do not know where to start.

The Business Intelligence response approach of our company emphasizes three issues:

  • Build and decorate solid reporting systems.
  • Contains cellular ability of the phrase cross.
  • Include self-service talents to acquire enterprise-wide BI.

In case its purpose is to offer all decision-makers throughout the organization, comfortable access to the key metrics with which to make well-informed selections, every time and anywhere, we allow you to get there. We use commercial Business Intelligence structures that include visualization equipment, centralized metadata techniques, excellent warranty strategies (QA) and general performance adjustment services.

Our customers tell us that our Business Intelligence service approach works for them because we combine BI technical experience with the domain expertise of the company. Our business BI group seems to be a key performance indicator throughout the company. In addition, we collaborate with our clients to expand a BI plan that grants a short period of time, tactical and quick gains, as well as strategic long-term successes. Recognize the role of mass statistics in the choice of best commercial companies.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

  • Faster reporting, analysis or planning.
  • More precise reports, analysis or planning.
  • Better business decisions.
  • Improvement of the quality of the data.
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction.
  • Greater competitive advantage.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Higher earnings.

Business Intelligence services


From ideation to implementation, Heaptaces makes it easy to derive the price of big statistics using integration tools that include Hadoop, MongoDB, Talend, Pentaho and many others.

Registration Integration and Migration Services
  • Our statistics Integration responses integrate silos and search for duplicates before integrating new information into the gadget.
  • Heaptaces has effectively completed complex commitments in multiple industries, such as BFSI entities, vehicles, Retail, media analysis companies and market research agencies, among others, the use of main business tools, including Informatica, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Talend, Microsoft sql Server Integration services, etc.
Statistic display
  • Through the deployment of Our Fact Visualization responses, groups are able to perform multidimensional information analysis to evaluate the development of patterns, react proactively to market demands and increase the productivity of commercial companies. BI / DW maintenance services.
  • Heaptace allows its clients to maintain their investments in BI / DW by providing help / improvement services. This can be done in a simple way, such as maintaining the MIS reporting environment of the business environment or complex migrations. Employer subsidies.
Warehouse statistics and Lake solutions information

We help your clients build cabinets of company grade records and departmental information marts by using dependent information along with their confirmed implementation method called "Incremental to iterative (I2I)".