The solutions in the cloud refer to services on demand, computer networks, storage and applications that are accessed through the Internet. It is a method for the delivery of information technology (IT) services in which Internet resources are recovered through tools and applications based on direct connection to a server. Cloud computing offers large companies a great potential for savings.

While business leaders try to fix their application development processes from cascading to DevOps, they also understand that DevOps alone will not save them. Latency in the purchase of hardware and software capital slows down the development process, even if it is simplified. The developers end up waiting for the capital resources to be put in place before the applications can be implemented.

Therefore, DevOps will not have much value without the cloud, and the cloud will not have much value without DevOps. This fact is only understood within the companies that once thought they could move to one or the other, and that there was no dependence. We are discovering that there are dependencies between DevOps and the cloud.

Approaching the development of applications in the cloud

When creating applications in the cloud, the change should start at the level of software engineering, not level C. The advantages of creating applications in the cloud with modern tools of DevOps must be understood by all those who direct the process. Those who are not on board are likely to stand in the way of progress and not respond correctly to the inevitable problems that will arise. (We can call that process "continuous correction").

While business development stores quickly choose a cloud platform, often before establishing a DevOps process and a DevOps organization, the reality is that DevOps and public and private cloud solutions should evolve at the same time. We must automate our agile processes using the DevOps automation tools in the cloud and not in the cloud. At the same time, we must consider how to extend those DevOps processes and automation in public and private clouds.

Benefits of the Cloud solution


Users can scale services to suit their needs, customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Business users can bring applications to the market quickly, without worrying about infrastructure costs or maintenance.

Strategic value

Cloud services provide companies with a competitive advantage by providing the most innovative technology available.