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HeapTrace Technology | IT consulting services

As one of the leaders in IT consulting services, our team of expert consultants has decades of experience managing IT strategy, planning IT budgets, conducting IT security audits and taking on almost any complex IT project. Our IT consultants have the support of our local engineers and technicians, who work together to realize their plans and projects.

Our IT consulting services are aimed at organizations where information technology is not their main activity. However, many of our customers who come to us to obtain IT consulting services already have an internal IT team. Sometimes, an internal team can be overwhelmed by daily requests and can not move away to look at the larger and more strategic image.

That's where we come into play. By taking advantage of a knowledgeable IT consulting firm, organizations of any size can benefit from an objective view of their IT challenges.

Benefits of Consultant
  • Unique solutions that reflect the circumstances and aspirations of the client.
  • Speed, because the consulting team is not distracted by other tasks.
  • Knowledge of the 'best practices' and effective solutions within the industrial / commercial sector of the client.
  • Exposure to experience derived from other industries and sectors.
  • Provision of specific technical skills that do not exist or are scarce internally, and often the transfer of such skills to internal staff.
  • Change management skills improved by the position of the consultant as independent and objective.
Planning and budget
  • Knowing the best way to invest in IT to help grow your business can be a real challenge.
  • Our expert IT consultants take the time to listen to your concerns and know your business, and develop a complete IT plan that includes budget allocation and resources.
CIO / CTO subcontracted virtual
  • Some organizations need more than just a handful of points of contact during the year.
  • Our IT strategic consulting services offer a smart solution for companies that require a regular level C IT guide, but do not want or do not need to hire a full-time CIO or CTO.
  • Many customers take advantage of our virtual CIOs, who can become an integral part of your team to help you turn technology into a strategic advantage for your business.
Compliance audits

Audits are a growing reality for many organizations, and we are here to help you. Whether it's HIPAA, FINRA, PCI DSS or even Microsoft, we understand the obligations and can help your company meet the appropriate compliance requirements. With these high stakes and often confusing rules and regulations, you want an expert in your corner!

Business continuity
  • Today's businesses depend completely on technology. Can you afford even a few hours of inactivity, let alone days? Our team of experts can carry out a comprehensive audit of your IT infrastructure, evaluating where it differs from best practices.
  • After a thorough review, we will provide recommendations on where and how to invest your resources to provide the level of security that best suits the needs of your business.
Server and migration implementations
  • An outdated server infrastructure is not only expensive to maintain, but it can also slow down your business.
  • If you are looking to either update your existing infrastructure or consider hosted options, you can trust us to make sure the transition is smooth and efficient.
Network and construction design
Do you have a project that is too big or too complex for your internal IT team?

We are used to interact perfectly with the internal teams of our clients to provide the reinforcement they need. From the design of commercial networks to data cabling, server configuration, firewall installation, router configuration and more, we can provide end-to-end network implementation, integration and continuous administration. We will work with the main suppliers to offer you the best performance / value and manage your project from start to finish.