DevOps is a development phase of business software solutions. It is used to signify an agile relationship between development and IT operations. DevOps creates a fast and stable workflow through development and IT solutions. DevOps promotes better communication between development and operations as the elements of operations increase. programmable.DevOps as a management culture that improves the agility in the delivery of IT services based on communication, collaboration, integration. It is the platform that identifies the relationship between various tools, ideas and issues of software development and the use of rapid iterations and continuous improvement.

DevOps to accelerate the life cycle of the business application

1. Flexibility

Develop flexibility in your architecture. DevOps requires coordination between many different parts of the coordination between many different parts of the organization. For this coordination to work, you need a flexible architecture. Do not marry a particular set of tools or platforms. Instead, make your architecture agile enough so that your team can adopt the tools you need to solve the diverse and changing challenges you face.

2. Improve your infrastructure

Improve your infrastructure DevOps deals with cultural practices, not specific technologies or tools. Even so, DevOps works best when the IT team has agile and modern toolkits and frameworks at their disposal. For example, migrating virtual machines to containers can help your organization manage DevOps more effectively.

3. Make the papers flexible

Make the papers flexible. Because DevOps breaks down barriers that traditionally separate several teams within an IT organization, individual functions must be malleable. For example, someone whose job title is "developer" must have organizational flexibility to participate in IT operations when necessary.

Objectives of DevOps
  • Achieve faster time to market.
  • Low failure rate of new versions.
  • Improve the average recovery time.
  • Improve the frequency of implementation.
  • Improve the quality of the code.
Tools used in DevOps
  • Source code repository.
  • Compilation server.
  • Configuration management.
  • Virtual infrastructure.
  • Test automation.