The service management system brings together all aspects of the management of the organization, such as planning, strategies, policies, objectives, documentation and processes. It is a type of client-centered approach to the delivery of information technology. It also focuses on providing value to the client. It also provides a framework for structuring IT-related activities. It is also the main resource for design and development. The administration of services must be easily expandable, integrated and highly automated to continue satisfying the needs of the business and respond to changes and technological advances.

The objective of high-performance service management is to optimize service-intensive supply chains, which tend to be more complex than the typical supply chain of finished products. Most service-intensive supply chains require larger inventories and closer integration with the field service and third parties. They must also adapt to inconsistent and uncertain demand by establishing more advanced information and product flows.

The scope of service management should be

  • Service location
  • Customers
  • Customer location
  • Technology

Benefits related to service management

Save money
  • One of the great things about an IT service management model is that it can save your business a significant amount of time.
  • The model will focus on providing IT as a service to you. There will also be an emphasis on providing the best standards.
  • The right IT service management model will allow you to work productively, efficiently, and effectively.
Manage the effectiveness of change
  • One of the most relevant factors to assess an IT team’s maturity, efficiency, and reliability is to understand how a change is being handled in an organization.
  • Change management is one of the most challenging of ITIL processes to execute because of varying complexity of change, exhaustive processes and dependence on approval from different people at varying levels.
Save time
  • Better solutions will afford the capabilities to not only manage your business but your employees as well.
  • Field service software should allow you to timestamp jobs to better manage employees. You'll be able to keep more accurate records that can be referenced to know where your employees are at all times.
  • Time tracking will also allow you to now run accurate productivity and profitability reports.