Our experts offer DevOps and Cloud Solutions that will drive your business value by maximizing your return on investments

With our experience in DevOps & Cloud environment, we assist our clients in gaining the maximum from efficient cloud ecology. HeapTrace Cloud Computing Services permits businesses as well as large scale enterprises to experience superior security followed by robust performance within applications & tools.

We offer our clients DevOps & Cloud development practices with the best tools as well as industry practices resulting in most efficient solution.


Our in-house DevOps team has got a handful of experience working with multiple hosting providers. Also, our services offer server setup followed by the automation towards supporting delivery across all our applications. Moreover, we use the latest tools to provide stable and probable processes of continuous delivery.

Also, our in-house DevOps experts redefine the entire workflow of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) via a constant integration procedure that boosts up the development as well as management processes.


Our Cloud consulting services facilitate organizations to control the barriers linked with cloud adoption and manage real risks of a business. We have developed, deployed as well as optimized cloud solutions for several enterprises for excellent performance, along with offering wide-ranging solutions for supporting all your needs for cloud, wherever the business takes across the world.

Why DevOps is necessary for your Business

Develops flexibility within your architecture. DevOps requires coordination between multiple unlike parts of the coordination across different sections of the organization. For this coordination to function, you require a flexible architecture. Do not marry a particular set of tools or platforms. Instead, make your architecture agile enough so that your team can adopt the tools you need to solve the wide-ranging challenges being faced.

DevOps deals with cultural practices and not with any particular technology or tool. Despite the fact, DevOps functions best when an IT team has agile as well as advanced toolkits along with the frameworks at their disposal. For instance, migrating virtual machines to containers might help your organization to manage DevOps more efficiently.

Since DevOps breaks down all the barriers that traditionally segregates multiple teams in an IT organization, thus functioning at individual levels need to be malleable. For instance, someone with job title "developer" should have organizational flexibility to participate within IT operations as and when required.

Cloud Services


SaaS is a new and alternative method of accessing software, unlike other traditional access methods. Usually, SaaS refers to a subscription-based model in which the software is hosted in the cloud and accessed via the Internet. Users are free to end their subscription when it is no longer required. Also, it lets updating applications on cloud and use it whenever required regardless of the location or device. SaaS is known as one of the key categories of cloud computing, along with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) .

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a complete set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals utilize for developing, deploying and managing programs via global network of data facilities. Wherever your information is located, Microsoft Azure will help you to unlock your capability. Build smart applications at lesser time using the equipment and technology of your choice and artificial intelligence (AI) that has already been integrated.


PaaS includes features of the cloud, like scalability, availability and multi-tenancy. It aids in reducing the coding activity, automates guidelines and enables migration to hybrid clouds. PaaS services are hosted in the cloud enabling the users to access them via their web browser. PaaS consists of infrastructure, storage and network servers as well as is designed for supporting the entire life cycle of web applications, like development, testing, deployment etc.


IaaS is an effective model for temporary, experimental or even unexpectedly altering workloads. The IaaS provider offers a wide range of services to accompany these components of infrastructure including detailed billing, monitoring, access to records, security, load balancing and clustering, & storage recovery capacity.

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