Our process of designing allows us to design digital textures for displaying website’s offerings in the most ingenious way.

Great coding is incomplete without a stunning visual representation. Our experienced UI designers can help you realize your goal by combining outstanding interfaces with a captivating experience.

HeapTrace has a customized solution for every business regardless of its size such as small scale business to large scale businesses. Our certified & experienced web architects & engineers create a perfect blend of creativity as well as technology during the designing the website.

We aim at making our clients winners of their market, thus our designers follow a process of amalgamation of unique design with perfect graphics offering a coherent visual message that will be followed by strong aesthetics.

UI / UX Design: What You Should Know

User Experience Design

A well planned UX design development, spearheaded by an experienced UX professional will aid you in striking the right balance. Also, have more chances of users coming back again and again. This versatile process is inclusive of a good amount of user research, that ranges from key analytics & heatmaps to refine research efforts of the enterprise that includes circumstantial observation, case studies and more.

User Interface Design

UI designers are the stewards of every brand all over digital devices. Leverage HeapTrace for establishing clear guidelines for interface. We have a team of in-house experts who follow a workflow to offer you a unique design as per the business needs.

Our avidity towards tailoring a unique strategy for every single project enables us to deliver web & mobile applications that is loved by all users followed by high conversion rates in terms of sale of a product.

Why is Product Design Crucial aspect for Business?

Introduction of the new product

While planning to launch a new product, the first thing that should be considered is its UX/UI design that will work on the visual display of the project.

Renovation of existing product

Sometimes renovating the existing product becomes compulsory due to the changing demands of the customers.

Enhancing certain sections

At times certain pages of the website requires updation or fixation from time to time. Furthermore, it might need novel components to function properly.

Advancing customer base

It is very important to offer what the customers expect from you and with changing time needs, demand or even expectations are getting higher. Thus, updating the site as per the target audience is also very crucial for the business.

Product Design Process

We Design every application right from the user story that includes answering each & every single basic questions such as who are the users, also what are their objectives? This is goals of the organization almost always get fulfilled by focusing on user needs.

Once we understand your requirements, we analyse the products market who are your direct as well as indirect competitors. Hence, understanding all your insights we craft the best fitted User Experience differentiating it from the competition.

We start with User and then build wireframes designating all the user interactions in every single screen. The key purpose of this practise is to cope up with the goals of user via very small and utmost intuitive track probable.

We develop unlike workflows for distinct user goals followed by designing a solution that meets all the objectives intuitively. We evaluate all these wireframes along with the certain application users. Also, we constantly refine the wireframes until it gets approved by you in terms of workflows and interactions.

We specify style guides, type-setting and icons within this phase. We present you with a few screens of distinct complexities that amply defines the appearance as well as sense of the ultimate designs. If we want to make changes with regards to the visual design of the website, we integrate those ideas at this stage. The leftover screens are the derivative of all these designs.

Our designing team designs all the pages, get it approved by you and develop the assets for the different types of devices as well as resolutions that should support. Parallely our development team works towards coding the application. We target on delivering the solution as soon as possible in order to gain valuable user feedback.

Tools We Leverage

In our approach we utilize only well-tested technologies that perfectly function for any sort of application and on any device.

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